5 Tips To Speed Up WordPress Website

how To Speed Up WordPress site

First of all i would like to explain why it is necessary to speed up your wordpress website, It is because now a days google ranking algoritham also needs site speed to rank in google , so if your site has bad speed that it will reduce your visitors and low ranking of website in google search result.

Now Will Explain 10 Tips to Speed up your WordPress Website

  1. Choose a good hosting – You should choose good hosting with good features, like it shoud provide you good bandwidth. Your hosting should be capable of handle large number of traffic without crashing your website.

You can Go with any hosting provider but i personally use Hostinger you can also try it has 24×7 customer support with response time of 0.5 second and 30 days money back gauranty.

  1. Start with a solid framework/theme – You Theme should lightweight and quite speedy. Which will take low time to load your website.
  2. Optimize images– You should reduce your image size you can also download plugin to otimize your images . It will help to load your website fast. You can download WP-SmushIt plugin it is free , and it optimize your all images.
  3. Optimize your homepage to loading  time- Your home page should be clean and unique , don’t put too much ads in your home page ,don’t add more widgets in your home page , show 5-7  post in your home and show main points and mains of the post , to attract readers.5.
  4. Add LazyLoad to your images- LazyLoad is the process of having only one images of the all , as the reader goes on reading and scrolling image will automatically load . You can Download the jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin.in wordpress.

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