How to get premium hosting for free from any hosting provider

i am using hostinger webhosting with good customer support 24×7 hrs. support i have no issue with it so if also thinking for webhosting go with hostinger you will fill best exprience , Now I am going to explain my trick my all tricks works on affilated commision so if the hosting service provider gives you 50% commission then you have to pay just  50% of its original price but many webhosting service provide 100% commission means you will be charged nothing for and hosting , So my Suggestion will be go with hostinger for 100% free premium hosting.

Steps to get free hosting.

Create a affilate account from which you want to take hosting ( you can go with any one , that suits best for you )
Sign in your affilate account then create your affilate link , after that copy your link and save it any where. and read commission details means read carefully that if someone buys from your link how commission you will get.
use any vpn to change your current  ip address or you can use any other network service provider , Because if you have created affilate account so your current ip will be stored in their database , so click your affilate link with another network service provider or try vpn.
Now Click on your affilate link now you will be redirect to official website and you will get hosting services option.
For they will give 100% commission so if you buy with your affilate link you will get all money back to you.
But to get money back to your bank account there is threshold limit, means your commision should reach upto your threshold to transfer your money ,
For hostinger it is 70$ so you have to buy atleast wroth total 70$ or more to get your money back
After Successfull purchage of your hosting , your all money will be credited to your affilate account and their you have to give your paypal account details , and your money will transfer to your bank after 30 days, Because they provide 30 money back so if the customer don’t like their service they get their money back so after 30 days your money will be credit your affilate account from their to transfer your money to your bank account.
Helpful  Note: If you felt do any above steps and you have purchase premium hosting then Don’t worry ask your hosting service provider for your refund , they will refund your money don’t worry i have tried all methods they will refund your money without single question.

I hope this will help you ,

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