what is google analytics | How To Use Google Analytics

What is google analytics

what is google analytics

Google Analytics is Web analytics (analyze your website traffic) service provided by google for better SEO(Search engine Optimization) of your website, This service is fully free and anyone can use this service.

This service was launched in 14th November 2005 by google after acquiring Urchin ( urchin was software company).

Google Analytics features are written below:

1.It provides a Data visualization tools with a Dashboard,scorecards and motion charts.

2.Email based Sharing and communication


How to use google analytics

There are very simple and easy steps to use google analtyics in your website.

This is wordpress method so if your using wordpress follow these steps:

Step 1.  Basic and most important thing you need to use google analytics is google account also know as gmail account. If you don’t have a gmail account create a new one.

Step 2. Go to Google analytics website. And click on sign up option as shown below.

Step 3. Fill All your necessary details and check the boxes and click on get tracking id as shown below

Step 4. Now you will get a terms and conditions page accept it you can read it or accept it .


Step 5. Now you will get a tracking code copy it ,it will look as shown below



Step 6. Login to your website with wordpress

Step 7. Goto to apperance then you will get editor option click on it , first you are clicking editor option for first time it shows you a pop up window with two option 1. I understand or 2. Go back Click on i understand.


Step 8. Click on Theme Header

Step 9. Paste the code in above the </head> tag

Now you have completed all steps , after 12-24hrs you can check your web traffic in your google analytics account .

Thanks for reading my article i hope you like my article.

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