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About me page is backbone of your website, as it give credits to you that you are creator of this website and all posts are published under your supervisor.  And it also tells us about your website means what is your website all about or in other words About Me page also tells, what information/blog you share in your website.

About Me page also create a relation between the website owner and the reader , as the reader come to know that author or website owner . One more interesting  fact about me page is that it is one of the most viewed pages of your website because every one want to know who is creative person and knowledgeable person behind it.

How to Create about me page and what points you should mention it.

  1. You should write little bit of introduction of your self. Like your name, your from, courses you have completed.
  2. You should write about your website means what things you share in your website, like your website is all about technology , gadgets or seo and webhosting etc. So That readers will come to reader their blogs or posts, and it will also increase your website traffic.
  3. And End with Lovely lines or thoughts , or tag line so that it saves in readers mind.

You can see About  “Me page” of our website

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